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The heroes of the Fatal Instrument troupe are Eikka Alatalo, Tatu Kalliomäki and Jaakko Hutchings. Fatal Instrument brings on stage a ludicrous action/comedy show. Crazy stunts, breathtaking acrobatics, Bruce Lee -style nunchuck spinning, air kicks and martial arts tricks. The action/comedy mixes well with live music when the performers start to rock your socks off with electric guitars. All this in a tight package without forgetting the humour. Because of mixing very rare and special skills, Fatal Instrument show is something you have never seen before. It will rock your world and explode your mind.

Fatal Instrument has amazed audiences at rock festivals, fringe festivals, circus festivals, theatres, clubs, corporate events and pre-Christmas parties.

Fatal Instrument – troupe

Genre: action/comedy/circus/live music

based in: Finland

founded: 2017 

Eikka Alatalo graduated in Circus Arts from Turku Arts Academy, Finland. He has performed to various audiences since last millenium. Eikka has been performing in festivals, corporate events, shopping malls, private events and Circus productions of all sizes. Eikka’s strengths are in tricks and stunts, where one jumps on his feet or on his hands, whilst spinning in the air around one’s own axis. On top of this, he is specialized in balancing on free standing ladders while playing the bass guitar at the same time – no one else in the world is capable of this (as far as we know).

Tatu Kalliomäki is one of the best freestyle nunchuck spinner in the world. He is the leading champion in Europe. Tatu has been performing in private and public events since 2013 and has managed to pick up a reputation as a charismatic show man. Skillful and explosive use of nunchucks combined with a little chit-chat with the audience makes up an exciting and a funny show which will leave the spectators stunned. At the end of the show, he sums it up with an amazing and very rare stunt.

Jaakko Hutchings graduated as a circus artist from Turku Arts Academy in 2018. He has performed drama, music and circus in a huge variety of shows, bands and troupes. Jaakko has been practising Wushu Kungfu, gymnastics and parkour all his life. With this background he has a great control of movement dynamics, explosiveness and softness. In the Fatal Instrument performance, Jaakko is in charge of breathtaking somersaults and flips, aerial kicks and San Jie Gun (Chinese three-section staff). On top of this, he is an excellent guitarist.

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