Fatal Instrument Show

Three acclaimed performers created a spectacular action/comedy show. The Fatal Instrument Show combines a variety of disciplines of performing arts. The audience will witness a unique combination of circus acrobatics, stunts, wushu kungfu, rock ‘n’roll, aerial kicks, nunchucks, drama and comedy. It’s a quick tempo, compact show, designed to be an epic experience. The show is something that has never been seen before.


The primary stress in our performance is in doing, not talking. Three men with different sets of professional skills. Each of them showing their best.


The audience will laugh and enjoy. The show has a lot of humorous plot twists.


An action-packed, speedy show will ensure that the audience remains interested and inspired.


You do not have to order many performances. By ordering us, you get enough of entertainment for the whole evening.


The main idea of our show is to amaze the audience. Top professionals are doing breathtaking stunts live on stage.


We combine many different sets of skills in the show. There are no shows in the world which would be comparable.


We are performers from the new generation. We bring forth something new to discover with a Rock ‘n’ roll attitude and a fresh vision.

Stimulates discussion

The unique performance stimulates the audience. For instance, the audience will witness a man standing on ladders without support, playing the bass guitar and doing backflips.

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